The purpose of an inconsistent blogger

Back when dad blogs were a thing, I was churning out posts on an almost daily basis. I’d write about anything and everything that took my fancy… and anything and everything people paid me to write about if I’m being honest. Now though, I’m not so sure what, if anything, I should be doing withContinue reading “The purpose of an inconsistent blogger”

A creature of habit or a writer of little imagination

Proper authors get asked questions like “what is your writing routine?” or “how do you fit writing into your day?” or “how do you get motived?” As an imposter I thought it would be interesting to explore my own routine a little (such as it is). It’s nothing fancy… I have long periods of doingContinue reading “A creature of habit or a writer of little imagination”

How’s the writing going?

I get asked this a lot. It’s nice. It’s also a wee bit depressing when the answer is, has been, and will probably continue to be… it isn’t. I have a “work in progress” but instead of my usual all-consuming attacking the keyboard like a starving dog going at a bag of hot chips I’mContinue reading “How’s the writing going?”