Live in the now!

A nice little cliché headline there for a long overdue post, but I get to quote Garth Algar, and also, I stand by it. So much could go wrong, it could all fall down around my ears and I may never see my books in print… but… and this is a big but… in fact, this is a Freddie Mercury screaming Fat Bottomed Girls sized but… right now, in this moment, I have two books being published next year, a potential third, a total of five novels signed and two publishers reading two more full manuscripts after liking the first three chapters. Nothing may come of the full requests but the fact I got two ‘fulls’ in the same week is pretty bloody exciting. Of course, Pessimistic Al is constantly whispering bollocks and trying to ruin it, but he’s a dick and we try not to listen to him.

So here is where we currently stand…

  • The Book and the Blade – February 28th, 2023
  • Rock Zombie – sometime in early 2023
  • The Sword and the Hounds – signed
  • The Saint and the Shadowman – signed
  • I Draw the Line at ******* Vampires – signed
  • Albert the Great Australian Dragon – being read after a full request
  • The Djinn and the Dragoman – being read after a full request

And then there are the books I haven’t yet sent into the wilderness…

  • The Last Witch in Brisbane – needs an edit
  • The Shadow in the Sands – writing, nearly finished
  • Won’t Someone Please Think of the Orcs – planning (will start writing for NaNoWriMO)

So yep, it’s all pretty exciting right now.

“But nothing will come of it, none of them will get published and you’ll be laughed at for even thinking you stood a chance of getting a book in print you talentless dickhead”

Shut up, Pessimist Al. No one has time for your shit. Live in the now!

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