The one written at 4am about whatever is rattling around my tired mind.

Well, 343am to be precise. I’m wide awake. Again. It’s a relatively normal occurance but I am getting a little bored of approaching the wee hours from this direction. It was a lot more fun when I was a young man coming home, putting a pizza in the oven, and then promptly forgetting about it as I passed out on the couch. But now I’m just… awake… and thinking.

Here’s a list so far…

1) if the Ninth Roman Legion simply vanished overnight in mysterious circumstances and left all the children behind, what happened to the women in the camp?

2) is there a special place in hell reserved for vanity publishers who masquerade as traditional publishers?

3) what’s that sound?

4) why is that video of Tim Minchin’s Matilda set to Dragula so freaking good?!

5) how much horror is too much horror for middle grade readers? There seems to be a huge gap between Goosebumps and Stephen King, which reminds me of…

6) the time my wife and I were shopping for clothes for our daughter and Kel loudly proclaimed, “there’s literally nothing between princess and whore!”

7) why is an extremely old lady running incredibly fast towards you such a scary image? (Give it time)

And of course, the old faithful…

8) if I fall asleep now how much sleep could I possibly get before I have to get up and function?

That vanity press one though… does my head in!

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